Study Tips!

Hi guys!

I know I haven’t blogged for a while, and I can’t explain why because if I’m honest I don’t really know.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to do a post where I give a few tips on how to study each main subject. So let’s go!


For English grammer you just have to practice and see what you did wrong. You can find worksheets online, or you can make your own! And for vocabulary I would reccommend either flash cards or ‘foldables’.

I think you know what flash cards are but if you don’t, they are basically cards where on one side you write the term and on the other side the definition. Foldables are pretty much the same thing but on one sheet of paper. You list all the definitions on the inside of a folded paper and all the terms to the corresponding definition. You just fold the paper to check your answer. You use these methods for a lot of the subjects.

A foreign language: because I take 3 foreign languages I think I have some good tips on how to study 😁.

  1. Again flash cards or foldables. On one side the English word and on the other the let’s say, French word.
  2. Quizlet. Quizlet is a super great way to study a language. You have online flash cards and  games. It does take a while to make a list of all the words, but sometimes you can find the list you want already made. (Quizlet is a website but also an app for your phone!)

Physical Geography, so not with religion and stuff but how it rains etc…

  1. Make drawings explaining how everything works! This is really fun and sometimes on my Geo tests I have to draw, and then I sit there like: oh yes I did this this already *pen drop*
  2. Make summaries of all your chapters. These come in handy when you study, and during the lesson because you have all the important stuff and you don’t have to look through you text book.


  1. If you need to study the exact date; make a timeline!
  2. Again, make summaries, highlight important words, do whatever you gotta do
  3. For learning gods I also make flash cards! On one side I wrote the god/ goddess and on the other what he/ she was for.

Last and not least… Math! 

Do you use Math or Maths? Lemme know!

  1. Practice, practice, practice oh and did I mention practice? Practicing is really all you can do for math. My textbook has extra questions on the end of each chapter, but you can also make your own, but that does take a longer time.

I hope I helped you, I know this is my 3rd post today but I already wrote it this weekend. The reason why I am posting so many right now is because Sundays are the only days I can sit down and read my drafts, decide what I like and post it. Hope you don’t mind the spam!

Love, Fenna! 


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