How To: Scrapbook!

Hey lovelies! Happy Easter!

What did you do for easter today?

Anyway today im going to show you how to start your own scrapbook!

I want to get more craftsy on this blog (is craftsy a word?) so if you think that would be a nice idea let me know!

Aaand, I made a instagram account for my blog, so you can follow me on there if you want: unpredictableness7. I show you new post sneak peeks and pictures!

Anyway onto the post!

IMG_0138.jpgThe first thing i did was look through some of the pictures i took with my friends, chose three and printed them out!


As you can see they are both from snapchat, but i think that gives it an edgy touch!

Then I cut them out, and laid them how I wanted on my page!


I used crayola markers for the red stuff, and Alex<3 (my friends name). I used washitape to stick it down, one gold with glitters, and one with planets!


Here is another spread I made with a different picture, but smart me, i forgot to take pictures.


Aaandd, this is what my work space looked like when I was done!


Now that probably your whole screen was covered in huge pictures of my floor :), thanks so much for reading! And again follow my instagram.

-Fenna <3!!


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