How to turn that frown upside down

Hey guys!

You all know the saying: ‘turn that frown upside down’. And today I wanted to tell you some things to do that will do that. I wanted to write this post because my phone just broke. 😦 That’s also why there aren’t any pictures in this post.

  1. Make a cup of tea, watch a movie and eat chocolate or cookies. I did that today with my dad and sister! We watched a tv show and i just took a break from studying and stuff.
  2. Read a book! Okay, this may be totally me but reading makes me so calm. I like reading with a cup of tea and being totally comfortable!
  3. Take pictures. Okay, i may not be able to do this right now, but this is so calming for me! Especially pictures of pretty plants!
  4. Binge read blog posts! I have nothing to say about this, but you all know its fun!
  5. Sleep. Sleeping makes me happy, so take a nap!

I know this is a totally weird post and stuff, but o well! Do you have anything that makes you happy, like really happy? Thanks for reading!

-Fenna ❤


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