My First Jogging Experience


After reading the post from out n’ about I actually ran. Well, I did a mix of running and sprinting actually…

So I thought maybe it could help some one out there on the internet to see that the first time you go isn’t easy. Because let’s be honest, it really couldn’t be harder.

The first thing I did was decide what to wear. A very east choice seen as i have one sport shirt and two pair of sport jeans. Anyway a wore a shirt with the little holes on the side for (this is my theory) warmth to get out or some thing, with just some grey sweatpants. They are both from really small dutch brands so I won’t say where I come from, + one you can’t buy anymore.

So after that I loaded up my playlist, told everyone where I was going and went!

But where was I going? I went to the forest which is like a three minute walk from my house, and the local spot for dogs to run free. Which I didn’t know.

Let me tell you a little story about a girl. She had always been afraid of dogs. One day she went to the forest, after being there for 10 minutes she sees a dog. She jogs on. The dog follows her, his owner trying to catch up with the dog. The dog jumps on the girl. The girl tries to act normal because the owner has arrived. The owner takes the dog away. The girl says it’s fine and walks away. 

So this actually happened and it was scary, sorry dog people i’m just a hamster person.

But let’s get to the reason everyone decided to click on this post… The first thing i did was a few basic stretches. Then I wanted to test my self on how fast I could run 50-ish meters. 1st result, 17.83 seconds. 2nd result 16.56 seconds. After that I jogged, sprinted and did all that for like 20 minutes. I was waaay to tired to go on after that, i already don’t have a condition and sprinting is super tiering.

Then I just took a few pictures in the forest because the lighting and everything was just perfect! Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 11.01.37.png

I am like in love with this picture! I took a lot more, but they turned out kinda bad so I don’t want to show them… Do you like it? What was your first experience running, or have you never gone running? Tell me down below!

I hope I made you feel just that little bit better if your runs go a little like this 🙂

-Bye! Thanks for reading! ❤


8 thoughts on “My First Jogging Experience

  1. Happy says:

    Tycker att Baraben har ett visst ansvar här ocksÃ¥. Det känns som ni var mer aktiva tidigare. Fler infallsvinklar fler tr¤eningsreportagÃ, rykten etc etc. Jag fattar inte varför folk verkar vara sÃ¥ ointresserade?


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