Netflix Recommendations

Hello everyone!

Today I am quickly sharing some things i LOOVVEE on netflix ❤


  1. the 100, . It’s so good and addictive! IMG_6258
  2. Modern family this is what i always watch when i’m supposed to do homework, whoops.
  3. Pretty Little Liars!!!!!! Okay, look i know everyone talks about this and stuff but i am in love with this and can’t wait for the last 10 episodes…
  4. Riverdale, it’s a new show but i really like it!
  5. This is the only movie on this list, but I like it because it’s short and really fun!

I hope you got some new tips or ideas on what to watch nect time you procastinate doing home work and lay on you bed for a couple of hours, or just fangirl alongs side me 🙂

If anyone knows how i should do it that not the whole post gets featured on the front page please tell me!

-Fenna ❤


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