Study Routine

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you my study routine for the weekends. But the weekends are very similar to the school days.


 The very first thing I do is make a study plan for the weekend. I write down excactly what I have to do. I have a notebook in which i just write down all of these.

I also highlight what is important and what is a little bit less important.

Then i just start doing all the homework i got. For me it is super nice to be able to mark off what I have done so far, it keeps me going.

 here is just a small study tip, at least this works for me. Color coördinate everything. Because 1. Its really fun to do and 2. it makes your homework look like a rainbow

 I will always wear comfortable clothes, either a sweater or some sweatpants. And today i bought a hogwarts sweater so i just wanted to show it off.

 Aaandd… this is what i looks like when i am done. And i watch Netflix halfway during my homework because i don’t want to fall asleep.

Thanks for reading my first blog post!






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