American Pancakes!

Hi, everyone!

Who doesn’t like pancakes? I am obseeeesseeed with pancakes. They can make any day so much better. You can put Nutella on them, Maple Syrup, blueberries and just about everything good on there. This is my favorite recipe to make them!

Preparation: 10 minutes. Baking: around 2-4 minutes per pancake. Makes 10-ish pancakes.


How To: Scrapbook!

Hey lovelies! Happy Easter!

What did you do for easter today?

Anyway today im going to show you how to start your own scrapbook!

I want to get more craftsy on this blog (is craftsy a word?) so if you think that would be a nice idea let me know!

Aaand, I made a instagram account for my blog, so you can follow me on there if you want: unpredictableness7. I show you new post sneak peeks and pictures!

Anyway onto the post!


The Dawn Dagger Challenge 


Now why was that all in capital letters? Because I got a new phone (yayyy, *does happy dance*)

Any way, I got nominated for the dawn dagger challenge by  world of fritters ,thanks so much for tagging/ nominating me!


  • Answer the 10 Q’s given
  • Give 10 Q’s
  • Nominate 1-10 people

1. If you could beam yourself to any place in the world right now, where would that be?